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Think about sitting on a white porch swing rocking in the cool spring morning. That's what this scent is all about. Upon first smell you'll get strong notes of cypress and bayberry followed by fir, patchouli, and a cooling eucalyptus. A great fragrance for those that love woodsy and earthy blends.


All candles are a premium soy blend, with coreless, cotton flat braid wicks and dye free. Candle size is 8 oz. Wax weight: 6.6 oz.


All wax melts are a premium soy blend and dye free. Each wax melt package includes six easy to break apart cubes of wax that will keep your room smelling awesome for eight to 10 hours per cube! Wax weight: 2.75 oz.


Both candles as well as wax melts are hand-poured in Georgia.

Porch Swing